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  1. What is WiFi7 and what are the benefits?

WiFi7 is the latest WiFi standard, also known as 802.11be.  It works across three bands or Tri-Band (2.4GHz, 5GHz & 6GHz) to fully utilize your network’s bandwidth.  While WiFi6 was built in response to the growing number of devices you have, WiFi7 delivers astounding speed for each of those devices.  WiFi7 uses ultra wide bandwidth to provide speeds 4.8 times faster than WiFi6 and 13 times faster than WiFi5.

  1. What devices do I need to get WiFi7?

Firstly any device that is used to provide WiFi into your office or home would need to be WiFi7 enabled so this would be any routers, extenders, access points etc.  Secondly the devices that you use to connect also need to have at least WiFi6 capability – iPhones/Smartphones; iPads/Tablets; Macs/PCs; TVs etc.  

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  1. Even with WiFi7 you might also have to address your WiFi coverage

If your office or home covers a large area, has thick internal walls and/or there are external buildings that you need to get connected then you will have to ensure you have increased WiFi coverage throughout your premises or property.  There are many solutions available from hard wired ethernet cabled solutions, WiFi mesh and powerline systems, outdoor access points and point-to-point systems – it’s about choosing the right option for your office or home. 

  1. What are the benefits for businesses?

Significant improvements for everything that runs in the Cloud – Microsoft365 Applications, Microsoft Teams, VOIP/SIP Phone Systems, Xero/Sage Accounting Systems etc.  WiFi7 helps minimise any lag time and ensures that you have smoother and more reliable experiences.

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